I am SUPER excited to launch this book!

It is available in TWO formats: Ebook and Paperback. The book is identical, just the format is different.

I Can Breathe Like A...

I have always loved reading and writing and have been writing for years. When I was a young girl I used to write poems and short stories. Then, of course, I wrote a lot of different things throughout my time in grade school and university.


But it wasn’t until my Master of Education degree that I was able to write what I wanted. And I wrote and published my first book Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to Children with Hearing Loss

After graduating, I set my sights on writing kids books for encouraging social-emotional learning and wellbeing using yoga and mindfulness practices.

And here it is…

I Can Breathe Like A… A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids!



Take your kids on a guided relaxation with “I Can Breathe Like A… A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids!”

This book encourages relaxation and helps kids to manage their emotions by using fun and engaging characters to guide them through various breathing techniques!

Each page has a new breathing technique to try, complete with beautiful illustrations! Your kids will love practicing these breathing techniques with their favourite animals!



Here’s the info on I Can Breathe Like A… A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids. It:

  • has 16 pages
  • hosts a total of 11 breathing techniques for you and your kids to practice together
  • includes a guided imagery script for you to read with your child/ren as they sit comfortably, breathing naturally
  • includes BEAUTIFUL illustrations! A special thank-you to my illustrator Kristina!


Here’s what people are saying about I Can Breathe Like A… A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids!


“I am a huge advocate for teaching children mindfulness as a tool to help them stay calm during stressful times, not just during their time at school but as a life long skill.  “I Can Breathe Like A…A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids” is a beautifully visual book which teaches children many very simple mindful breathing techniques. The adorable characters and simple instructions make this the perfect addition to any class, home, or library. Children will love joining in with these breathing techniques and will calm themselves while having fun too.”



Grab your copy here!

I really appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do! Feel free to tag me in your photos on any social media platform with the hashtag #learninglotuses! I would LOVE to see your photos!

Happy mindful breathing!

Signature. Miss Megan