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I offer yoga and mindfulness classes, for all grade levels, at schools and other educational facilities. These classes are offered on fixed or varying schedules, depending on the school’s schedule.


I also offer yoga and mindfulness classes for educators. These are typically scheduled on pedagogical days but can also be scheduled for after-school hours or as part of workshops or other school-affiliated events.

Types of yoga classes for educators include Hatha or Yin. Yin yoga is a type of yoga structured for relaxation and restoration. All postures are done on the floor- seated or lying on your back or belly- and held for 3-5 minutes each, accompanied by slow, meditative music. Hatha yoga is the “yang” of Yin yoga. Hatha yoga includes postures seated, lying on your back or belly, as well as standing, with postures held between ten and 30 seconds each.


I offer workshops for educators as training for incorporating yoga and mindfulness practices into the everyday classroom. In particular, I focus on how to include these practices without taking away from class time, leaving the classroom, or needing extra materials.

These workshops can be scheduled as half-day or full-day workshops. Half-day workshops focus on either yoga OR mindfulness (with some slight overlap) while full-day workshops include both yoga and mindfulness practices.

At the end of this workshop, educators will be given a manual to keep for reference, as well as a certificate of completion.

For outlines and topics covered during workshops, click here.

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*Yoga classes for young students (under the age of 12 years) include songs, games, and stories, in a free-flowing manner. Students are at varying levels of development and it is important to keep in mind the differences in bone and tissue growth, as well as attention span and levels of engagement (regarding terminology and instruction), between age groups. Yoga classes for students over the age of 12 years typically include songs and games, but are structured similar to adult classes.

** Yoga classes for adults are structured as a continuous sequence, with much more instruction and direction than a children’s yoga class.