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Learning Lotuses.

Learning Lotuses is a website that aims to help educators encourage social-emotional wellbeing in their classrooms using yoga and mindfulness.

I teach yoga and mindfulness in schools, for both students and teachers. I also offer workshops for educators to learn how to implement yoga and mindfulness in their everyday classrooms.

Who is an educator?

Teachers, educational assistants, tutors, day-care counsellors, human services counsellors, educational administrators, camp counsellors, even parents- you name it!

Where do I start?

First, you should know some of the benefits of practicing yoga and mindfulness in the education system. 

Then, check out some of the resources I’ve created and the blog posts I’ve written to gain a deeper understanding about the practices of yoga and mindfulness and how you can implement them into your own life, and the lives of your children, students, nieces, nephews- whoever! 

You can also sign up for my free 4-day email course Mindfulness for Kids to learn more about the practice of mindfulness and how it benefits you and your child. Also included in this course is a full list of mindful activities to help you get started on your mindful journey!

Let’s connect!

Learn more about me, Miss Megan!

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