I’m all for Valentine’s Day. Those cute little Valentines you get, beautiful flowers, and all the chocolate you can eat. Especially once Valentine’s Day is over and it all comes on sale!

That said, Valentine’s Day also sends the message that sharing and spreading love is only for one day of the year.

Not to mention the pressure we feel to buy things for our special someone or our kids. Valentine’s Day has turned into a commercial holiday, not a day for love.

So, Learning Lotuses is teaming up with Lessons and Learning for Littles to spread love for Valentine’s Day and all year round!

Introducing the Open Your Heart Yoga Challenge!

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Open your heart to love, learn the parts of the body, and practice acts of kindness with the Open Your Heart Yoga Challenge from Lessons and Learning for Littles and Learning Lotuses!

Connie & Megan

Open Your Heart with Yoga Poses

Heart-opening yoga poses do just that, open your heart. These are poses that lift your chest up toward the sky, helping you to reach new heights by improving posture, focus, concentration, and confidence, not to mention strength. 

Heart-opening yoga poses also have health-related benefits in that, when we open our hearts and create space in our chest, we release anxiety, stress, and pressure/build-up due to illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, and the common cold.

Finally, heart-opening yoga poses increase blood circulation throughout the body, bring flexibility to the spine, and detoxify the internal organs to improve digestion and the workings of our other internal organs.

Learn the parts of the body

By practicing yoga, your littles will begin to use their muscles and bodies like they haven’t before, creating a better understanding and knowledge of how the body works and of the different parts of the body. 

For example, practicing triangle pose (one of the poses in this challenge) will create an awareness of the psosa muscles, something they likely did not know they had in their bodies.

The Open Your Heart Yoga Challenge also promotes learning parts of the body with fun activities for you and your little. There are activities based on the senses, blood circulation throughout the body, and x-rays!

Practice acts of kindness

Practicing acts of kindness is a great way to teach our kids about empathy, compassion, self-esteem, and confidence, among other personality traits. Being kind to others helps them to feel as though they are welcomed, belong, and grateful.

Being kind to others also makes us feel good, helps us to recognize when others need help and when/how we can help others. This creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, increasing self-esteem and confidence. 

No act of kindness is too small. It is important to remember that practicing acts of kindness and being kind toward others is not a competition. There is no such act that is bigger or appreciated more than others. You never know how much one small act can mean to someone else.

Infographic_ Heart Opening Yoga Poses

The Challenge

In this challenge, we will practice heart-opening yoga poses to fill your heart with love, learn about different parts of the body, and perform acts of kindness to spread love to those around us.

Here is how it will work:

  • Everyday for 6 days you will practice the yoga poses on the Challenge card with your child
  • There will be 2 poses per day that will open your heart and help your child learn about the parts of the body
  • During your practice, we encourage you to take a photo and post it on Instagram, using the hashtag #openheart2018
  • Throughout the challenge, you will also be given fun activities to play! These are optional and are just added fun to this challenge

The great thing about this challenge is that is runs ALL YEAR ROUND! This means that you can share and spread love and perform acts of kindness every day!

Sign up now to spread love and kindness to others, and yourself. 

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Connie & Megan
 Connie & Megan



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